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Finding the Right Supplier

If you’re on the hunt for top-shelf hemp-derived products, such as Delta-8 flower or CBD extracts — you need to find the right supplier.

Countless hemp-derived products flood the market daily. However, most products offer questionable quality and even more dubious production methods.

From organic certifications to lab-tested quality, we’ll help you find the right supplier for all your hemp-derived needs below.

How to Find the Right Wholesale Hemp Supplier

Whether you’re trying to stock your online shop or brick-and-mortar store — you’ll need to find a hemp supplier with specific qualities.

Below, we’ll discuss each aspect in detail to help you hone in on the perfect supplier for your needs.

Find a Wholesale Supplier With an Extensive Bulk Catalog

One of the first things to look at when searching for wholesale hemp-derived goods is to check a brand’s catalog.

By browsing the catalog, you’ll immediately know if you’re dealing with a professional service or a temporary business. Furthermore, the catalog must represent products that are sold in bulk.

Remember, you’re a retailer — so anything less than bulk is not worth your time.

Below, we’ll provide a few examples of hemp-derived products that you should see while browsing a top-shelf supplier:

  • Delta-9 products

  • Delta-8 products

  • CBD products

  • CBG products

  • CBN products

When we say products, we’re broadly speaking of:

  • Edibles

  • Tinctures

  • Vape cartridges

  • Flowers

  • Disposable vape pens

  • Pre-rolls

  • Topicals

  • Concentrates/extracts

Furthermore, you should find related products for sale, such as terpenes, to ensure flavorful products at your store.

At Simply Crafted’s Wholesale site, you’ll find everything you need and more.

Find a Wholesale Supplier With High-Quality Hemp-Derived Products

As a hemp retailer — it’s your job to provide customers with the best product quality.

Clients will always return for more if your brand sells top-shelf products. Therefore, it pays to buy high-quality hemp-derived products.

To showcase a clear example of what it looks like when a wholesale supplier offers high-quality products, we’ll briefly examine Simply Crafted’s concentrate and flower products.

First, Simply Crafted’s concentrates are ethically extracted without harmful substances. Second, Simply Crafted’s flowers are grown with extreme care and trimmed to perfection.

When it comes to quality — it’s all about the details. Thus, using Simply Crafted as your bulk supplier is the key to unlocking the door to endless high-quality hemp-derived products.

Find a Wholesale Supplier With Organic Certifications and Lab-Tested Results

When searching for the right supplier — you need to find a service that offers lab-tested and organic products.

Remember, all hemp-derived products must be lab-tested to ensure they do not exceed 0.3% THC. Not only is your business on the line — but the safety of your customers as well.

Therefore, your business cannot compromise on lab-tested products.

Furthermore, organic hemp-derived products are not only valuable, but it shows your clients that you’re committed to their (and the Earth’s) overall wellbeing. Overall, Simply Crafted’s Wholesale business offers organic and lab-tested hemp-derived products at every turn.

Find a Wholesale Supplier That Offers a White Label Service

Next, you’ll want to find a supplier offering all their bulk products without labels.

This is a crucial consideration if you want to brand hemp-derived products as your own. In other words, finding a supplier that provides bulk hemp-derived products without a preset label increases the value of your brand.

Finding the right supplier allows you to experience a turn-key model where the heavy lifting is already done.

Find a Wholesale Supplier With Competitive Pricing

One of the most important considerations when finding the right supplier is pricing.

It won’t make any sense to buy hemp-derived products from a wholesale service that does not offer competitive pricing. Remember, your brand needs to sell the products at a profit.

Therefore, finding a supplier that lowers your cost basis is the key to success. At Simply Crafted, you’ll find endless top-shelf hemp-derived products at rock-bottom prices.

Overall, low bulk prices mean your brand can pass savings on to your customers. In turn, customers will gladly return to your shop because they appreciate competitive pricing.

Find a Wholesale Supplier With a Great Reputation

When you have your own hemp shop to run — the products you sell define your brand.

Therefore, reputation is one of the most important considerations when finding the right supplier. Remember, hundreds of hemp brands pop up over the course of a year.

However, only a few hemp suppliers remain. Simply Crafted has been featured on Leafly, High Times, and Herb for a good reason.

From trustworthy products to affordable prices, Simply Crafted is a leader in the hemp industry that you and your brand can trust.

Stock Your Store With the Best Hemp-Derived Products From Simply Crafted

If you’re ready to stock your (online) shelves with the best hemp-derived products on the market — it’s time to contact Simply Crafted.

Based in Minnesota, Simply Crafted is a steward of the hemp industry and versed in all-things-hemp. Not only does Simply Crafted produce its own hemp-based products, but they also feature a smooth supply chain to ensure your demands are met quickly.

You’ll never need another wholesale hemp supplier by building a relationship with Simply Crafted. From D8 to CBD and everything in between, Simply Crafted is the one-stop shop you’ve been dreaming about.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, don’t hesitate to contact Simply Crafted’s Wholesale team today. From friendly customer service to knowledgeable staff, you’ll have your wholesale order of hemp-based products in no time.

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